Augustine’s SuperBoost – the world’s best and most versatile dog supplement

Key Benefits of Augustine’s SuperBoost

  • 100% certified organic – made under & governed by human food standards
  • Prevention & management of arthritis, pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Provides vital nutrients that processing can destroy
  • Produced entirely from wholefoods (no synthetics)
  • Promotes healthy skin, shiny coat & strong nails
  • Naturally enhances performance & vitality
  • Suitable for dogs with meat protein issues
  • Strong focus on disease prevention
  • Promotes healthy organ function
  • Suitable for ALL dogs

ASB Wood

Lets talk dog supplements

Each month we receive testimonials praising the benefits of Augustine’s SuperBoost and whilst it is doing remarkable things for dogs (and funnily enough people), it is easy for outsiders to mistake it as being just another dog supplement.

By definition yes, Augustine’s SuperBoost is technically a canine supplement but it doesn’t have the usual characteristics of one.

For starters unlike the majority of dog supplements and multivitamins Augustine’s SuperBoost is not made using animal products or dead synthetic nutrients produced in a lab.  Each of its wholefood ingredients is there ONLY for the benefit of the consumer – not for shelf life, cost or flavour.

Augustine’s SuperBoost is a testament to what supreme nutrition can achieve.  So why is it so versatile? Because unlike a joint supplement or an arthritis supplement etc. that looks after just one problem, it contains nutritional powerhouse ingredients that carry out many tasks throughout the canine and human bodies and people are seeing results in their dogs within days, not weeks or months.

It is also versatile because it is suitable for ALL dogs of all ages and it has a very strong focus on prevention rather than treatment.

Like all Augustine Approved products, Augustine’s SuperBoost contains no additives, colourings, dairy, fillers, flavourings, grains, gluten, irradiation, meat or meat by-products, palm oil, preservatives, salts, sweeteners, synthetics, or GMOs, and the best part is it’s cruelty free!

What many people do not know is that unlike other supplements, Augustine’s SuperBoost was never formulated to be a stand-alone dog supplement.  The formula for Augustine’s SuperBoost was derived from what I am supremely confident is the best dog food in the world – Augustine’s SuperFood.  In simple terms, I took the formula of ten super food powders and seeds found in our fresh food recipes for Augustine’s SuperFood and packaged them under the name Augustine’s SuperBoost.

Augustine the Boxer – 3 years old. Lean SuperFood machine.

Augustine’s SuperBoost was born as a stand-alone product for two reasons:

– Firstly, we cannot reach everyone worldwide with our fresh food but we can post Augustine’s SuperBoost worldwide and people can use it to make Augustine’s SuperFood at home using our free recipes.  SuperFood Starter Kits also available – we ship worldwide.

– Secondly, if you are happy with what you are currently feeding your dog then keep it up.  I do not have to convince you to change your dog’s entire diet to see a health improvement – Augustine’s SuperBoost is a great addition to any doggy diet.

Since it’s launch on August 5th 2012, we have refrained from making any big claims as our attitude has been to under promise and over achieve.  We frequently hear about arthritis and allergy relief, a reduction in hair loss, improvements in skin and coat, enhancements in vitality, speedy recoveries from surgeries and illnesses and the list goes one.

Personally I love how quickly people see results in their dogs and I attribute that to the fact that Augustine’s SuperBoost is providing dogs with an array of nutrients they would not normally have access to.  For example, nine out of its ten wholefood ingredients are known to help manage arthritis so how can I even begin to compare it to an arthritis supplement that contains just 1-3 ingredients (most times synthetic or a single vitamin).

Wouldn't It Be Nice

We produced a bandage using just two of the ten ingredients found in Augustine’s SuperBoost mixed with virgin cold-pressed coconut oil and we are receiving written and photographic testimonials that our method is destroying diagnosed cancerous tumours, fatty cysts, warts and skin growths in a matter of days.  Here is the video that started it all…

If you would like to know more you can reach us at or dial +61402213300.

Thank you for reading.

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